Handy Video Guides To Home Ownership


Episode 1: Renting vs. Buying

About The Buying Process – While the process may seem like a lot of steps, having a knowledgeable buyer’s agent helping you navigate can definitely lessen the stress.


Episode 2: Mortgage 101

I have a list of local lenders to assist clients obtaining their pre-approval. These lenders have helped my clients over the past years and have the expertise, experience, and tools to provide unique mortgage opportunities. Contacting ones local lender/banker is always smart since they currently understand more about ones purchase power.

Pre-approval can take 10 minutes so contacting more than one lender is smart, but I’m happy to help you with this if you like. The pre-approval letter is often required to be delivered with the initial contract offer. Be prepared, it can be the difference in getting ones dream home and continuing the search.

Episode 3: Search

I always suggest that clients drive-by the houses that meet their expectations to view the surroundings, get a feel for the neighborhood, and understand better their commute to school and/or work as well as traffic patterns. For clients that are not local to Charleston, GoogleMaps.com is a terrific tool to “see” the houses from afar.

You can download a handy search form here that will help you decide on some of the search criteria used for finding the perfect home.

Episode 4: Offer

It’s valuable to research the houses that have most recently sold in a subdivision or neighborhood so together my clients and I can review them to determine the best possible offer price and contemplate negotiating tactics. The comparative market analysis or CMA also helps to reveal the value performance in the area for appreciation knowledge as a new homeowner there.

Episode 5: Closing the Sale

Closing on your new home takes less than an hour. In SC the closing attorney performs this service. It is not unusual for the sellers and their listing agent to be present for the closing. The lender and closing attorney are hired by the Buyer and work together to make sure all documents are reviewed and ready for signatures on the day of closing as determined in the contract to purchase agreement. By the end of the hour keys are presented to the new homeowners.